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High-Performance Buildings

Considerations for offering increased building performance


The study of air and moisture relationships in HVAC


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Dehumidification: When and where moisture removal is needed in HVAC
Heat Load Calculations: Using the heat load formula for working with HVAC
Heat Transfer: The principal of heat transfer and applying it to HVAC
High-Efficiency Psychrometric Controls: Applying varying controls at different air conditions
Horsepower and HVAC: Converting horsepower to usable energy in HVAC
Humidification: When and where to add humidity in HVAC applications
Psychrometry: The study of air and moisture relationships in HVAC
Sump And Sewage Pump Systems: Selection, operating, and efficiency considerations
Sump Basin Sizing: Proper sizing and selection techniques for sump basins
The Process of Combustion: Studying combustion using different types of bio-fuels