Instructors at Pipeline DevCo

Each of our instructors offer specific knowledge, skills, and talents that are used to help educate and inspire the participants of our training programs. Read their speaker biographies below to learn more about them. We also encourage you to connect with them using their online social networking identities.

Joe Stagg: Joe is the Principal Instructor for Pipeline Development Company based in Salt Lake City, UT. Having been “raised in the industry” during his youth, and then returning to the industry shortly after college, Joe has been involved in HVAC system applications for most of his life... (read more)  

Todd Rindlisbaker: Todd is with Rindlisbaker LLC and has been in the HVAC/plumbing and commissioning industry since 1993. Todd specializes in commissioning of large hydronic heating and cooling systems, controls optimization for comfort and energy efficiency... (read more)

Want to be involved with our training team? E-mail us and send us your resume, along with your area of expertise. We'd love to hear from you!