About Us

Pipeline Development Company (PDC) has been teaching the best unbiased and non-product specific HVAC system design classes across the country over the last three years. Being able to focus on fundamental design principles that achieve the highest efficiencies in a given system has provided the designer the necessary skills to be successful on his design projects, the maintenance engineer the understanding to reconfigure his system to improve its efficiency, and for the installing contractor to have a better grasp of the system’s operation. All who have attended any of our sessions have appreciated the concepts and tools they have learned without being “sold” a particular product.

PDC’s classes have been conducted in several cities in the U.S. and Canada allowing for local consulting firms, contractors, and end-user facilities to attend conveniently. In fact, with the diversity of backgrounds among the attendees, doors were opened to enhance communication and understanding across the disciplines.

The communication extended even further when Mestek, Inc. ( a leading manufacturer of hydronic equipment) hired PDC as a partner of Mestek Institute to teach the same unbiased information at their facilities for their customers. For the last two years, PDC has been onsite in both Pottstown, PA and Cheektowaga, ON to give instruction that focused on high-efficiency design and operation.

With the challenge that is present in the commercial building industry, understandably, everyone is facing the pressure to remain profitable within a tighter market.

To help meet these demands, Pipeline Development Company has put together online webinars and videos that can be customized in content and length giving you more flexibility and opportunity to train your staff in the comfort of your own office or conference room.